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Barokes wins Best Wine in a Can at New York Wine Competition

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Big Apple Acknowledges Barokes as Best Wine in a Can

The extraordinary success of wine in a can pioneer, Barokes Wines, continues with Barokes wines winning a total of 12 medals at the New York International Wine Competition, including Best Wine in a Can.

Barokes won three Gold, six Silver and two Bronze medals at this well respected wine competition. Also pleasing was that Barokes new slim bottle can Lovers Wine products all received either Silver or Bronze medals.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are a fantastic achievement, however with almost 400 medals awarded to Barokes Wines to date (including a Trophy, 2 Platinum and 35 Gold), they are nothing new.

However, for an international wine competition to award a packaging award for ‘Best Wine in a Can’ this is ground breaking when one considers how traditional these wine competitions are. There are currently many international wine competitions that don’t allow wine in alternative packaging formats (including wine in a can) to register as they only accept glass bottle entries.

The New York competition is unique in that it is judged by the trade with retail store buyers, sommeliers, restaurant beverage directors, hoteliers, distributors and importers judging the wines. As the livelihood of these judges rely upon their ability to know what consumers wants, success at this competition bodes well for overall market success.

As the pioneer of the global wine in a can product category, Barokes has been developing this category for over a decade, so the global recognition of Barokes as the best wine in a can is well deserved.

Barokes Chief Executive Officer, Greg Stokes, stated ‘although this success can be viewed as extraordinary particularly when one considers that Barokes competes with some of the most expensive bottled wines within each of the wine categories, the fact that these wines are all blind tasted means that the wine itself it being judged, so we are not surprised that our products continually rate so highly. Our globally patented Vinsafe technology is the key to producing international award winning wines with product integrity, stability and longevity. This success clearly confirms the premium quality of our wines and once again positions our Vinsafe technology as the leading wine in a can packaging system globally.”

Vinsafe is the globally patented wine packaging system which allows wine to be canned with quality, integrity, stability and longevity. All Barokes wines are produced utilising the Vinsafe wine packaging system in slim line aluminium cans/bottle cans. Additionally, Vinsafe is licensed to other wine producers so that they can produce their own wine in a can products.

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