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Barokes produces a number of wine in can products that meet specific market and market sector demands.

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Winebud Range

We are very excited to launch our NEW Winebud range with a Prosecco and Pinot Noir. This new Winebud® range incorporates the use of Vinsafe as well as new IP2 technology which is currently being used to further extend product shelf life and create a BPA-free can with more Winebud wines due to be launched very soon.


Barokes Premium Range

Five exceptional international award winning wines, including:

  • Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Bin 121

  • Chardonnay Semillon, Bin 241

  • Bubbly Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Bin 171

  • Bubbly Chardonnay Semillon, Bin 242

  • Bubbly Rosé, Bin 382

Produced from premium wine sourced from South Eastern Australia.


Barokes Premium Bubbly Chardonnay

This Premium Bubbly Chardonnay is a full-flavored Australian sparkling wine with all the characteristics of a full-bodied creamy Chardonnay delivering nutty flavors and a pleasant aftertaste.

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