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Vinsafe wines scoops top medals

Media Release

14 August 2020

Vinsafe wines scoop top medal at the 2020 International Canned Wine Competition

Vinsafe wines were awarded top medals at this year’s International Canned Wine Competition with two of the three top ‘Best at Show’ awards going to wines produced using the globally patented Vinsafe wine in a can packaging system.

Archer McRae’s Joiy Wine ‘Savvy Society’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was Best at Show White Wine.

Fourth Wave’s ‘Take it to theGrave’ 2018 Australian Shiraz won Best of Show Red Wine.

Another three Archer McRae wines were awarded Gold Medals, including

  • Joiy Wine Spritzer with Pineapple, Marlborough

  • Joiy Wine 2019 Pinot Gris, Marlborough

  • Joiy Wine 2018 The Gryphon Pinot Noir, Central Otago

The second annual International Canned Wine Competition proceeded this year with a total of 226 entries submitted from all over the world, including Australia, USA, Europe, South America and New Zealand.

Both Archer McRae and Fourth Wave Wines have successfully used the Vinsafe wine in a can packaging system under licence in Australia and New Zealand.

The success of Vinsafe wines both commercially through global sales and at international wine competitions, clearly positions the globally patented Vinsafe technology as the foundation for consistent quality canned wine production. Vinsafe inventors and pioneers of the global wine in a can category since 2001, Barokes Wines, have been awarded in excess of 400 medals at international wine competitions including, Best in Class, Trophies, Platinum, many Gold and Silver medals and nominations for Best at Show with some of these medals awarded to Barokes wines canned 4-5 years prior which is extraordinary!

Since Barokes invented and created the foundation for wine in a can with its patented Vinsafe technology the canned wine category has seen major growth particularly in North America where sales of canned wine has gone from $2million in 2012 to $183.6 million by July 20201.

However, a range of serious quality issues which have been well known within the industry but only recently exposed in publications by Cornell University2 , the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) lead Consortium Interim Report (23 July 2019) 3 and The Canmaker (June 2020)4, have the potential to negatively impact on consumer confidence in the category, inhibit growth and the overall sustainability of this new global category for wine.

Many attempts were made since the 1930’s but it was not until Barokes created Vinsafe in the early 2000’s, that a commercially successful canned wine capable of maintaining the wine’s integrity, shelf life stability and longevity of over 12 months, became possible. Packaging wine in aluminium containers is not like packaging wine in glass bottles and is difficult as the can/can lining and wine constantly try to interact, negatively impacting on the wine’s integrity.

The Vinsafe technology is the only recognised time (over 20 years) and in field/market proven integrated packaging system for wine which incorporates wine, can/can lining and filling specifications/parameters. Successful canning of wine must consider all three aspects and Barokes work with can manufacturers and filling facilities to form accredited and certified Vinsafe supply chains which give wineries the ability to successfully can wine without fear of wasting their precious wines or damaging their valuable brands.

The Vinsafe logo is the seal of quality which consumers recognise and is printed on all wines produced to the high and unique Vinsafe quality standards, Vinsafe = safe Vin (wine) in a can.

With a comprehensive R&D library spanning over two decades, SOP’s, Quality Assurance/Control systems etc., Vinsafe has addressed the many negative issues with canned wine production currently experienced by non-Vinsafe canned wines, including excessive aluminium uptake into the wine itself, short shelf life (actual 3-4 months), unstable wine products, H2S issues, product inconsistencies, product recalls, variability, customer complaints, loss of wine etc. which all impact significantly on the producers very valuable once a year wine vintages and brands as well as consumer’s confidence in this new but fast growing global wine category.

1 Wine Spectator, 3 August 2020, “Canned wine sales are bursting at the seams”.

2 Allison, Sacks, Maslov-Bandic, Montgomery, Goddard, Cornell University Viticulture and Enology Program, Research Focus 2020-1, “The Chemistry of Canned Wines”,

3 The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) lead Consortium, Interim Report (23 July 2019)

4 The Canmaker, Vol 33. June 2020, “Canned wine for connoisseurs

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