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Serving Suggestions

A full flavoured red wine served at festive lunches and dinners. Try with roasted poultry, particularly turkey, squab and guinea fowl – richly sauced, spicy meatballs and braised white meats. Serve icy cold to enjoy the bubbles.

Bubbly Cabernet Shiraz Merlot,Bin171

GST Included
  • A delightful red with personality and real quality. There is mouth sweetness from the cabernet and depth from the shiraz, real quality and an explosion of flavour through the bubbles. The nose provides plenty of character, enticing chocolate aromas, while there is lots of bubbly red colour.


    13% ALC/VOL

    250ml cans of wine – 24 cans / case

    Online sales for Australia only, no international orders accepted.

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